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March 2023: Summit for Truth and Wellness

Americans for Healthcare Alternatives, AFHA

About the Summit for Truth and Wellness

The Summit for Truth & Wellness brought together some of the most courageous and brilliant voices in America to speak truth about the state of society and our healthcare system in America. Discussion will include vital data on COVID vaccine safety & adverse events, early COVID treatment, the crimes against humanity committed in 2020 in the name of ‘collective health’ and how to organize locally achieve to justice for those who have been harmed and FIX our broken systems. 


We welcomed Dr. Peter McCullough, Steve Kirsch, Jeffrey Tucker, Bobbie Anne Cox and Deb Conrad to Rochester, NY for this momentous meeting. Each has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with our community as we navigate these extraordinary times. 


The Summit for Truth & Wellness is presented by Joy Media & Americans for Healthcare Alternatives in collaboration to support their independent organizations. Their mission is to build an independent wellness center in Rochester, NY dedicated to healing and support independent media dedicated to platforming truth. 

Watch the entire event on Shannon Joy's Rumble channel!

Scroll ahead to the 39 minute mark to the beginning of the program.

NYS Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox
Exposes NY for Crimes Against Humanity

Dr. Peter McCullough
"Who Has Courage, and Who Has Fear?"

Jeffrey Tucker, Founder and President of Brownstone Institute

Steve Kirsch, Founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

Deb Conrad, PA-C 
"You cannot comply your way out of tyranny."

Dr. Clayton Baker
7 Questions to Ask your Doctor

Meet The Speakers

Dr Peter A McCullough MD MPH

Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Jeffrey A Tucker

Jeffrey A. Tucker

Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch

Deb Conrad

Deborah Conrad, P.A.


Bobbie Anne Cox

Additional References

The VAERS standard operating procedure document ( that came out in Jan 2021


The CBER plans for monitoring covid 19 vaccine safety and effectiveness document presented at the VRBAC meeting Oct 22, 2020 listed a draft working list of possible event outcomes/medical conditions and the critical importance of safety monitoring after vaccination rollout. (


The emergency use authorization review memorandum of November 20, 2020


Recently through a FOIA request, it was discovered that safety signals were generated in the VAERS system for death and 769 other severe adverse events  (

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