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Welcome to Americans for Healthcare Alternatives (AFHA)

As we unite in the quest for healthcare as it should be - YOUR Health, YOUR Choices adapted to fit YOUR Needs.

Your true pathway to wellness.

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Central to AFHA's vision is the creation of a membership based Wellness Center that embodies our core principles of authentic healthcare. We are committed to assembling a team of providers who go beyond treating symptoms, delving into the underlying causes of health issues. 

If you are a medical doctor who is in line with AFHA's core principles as defined in our mission and vision statement, which are listed below and on our membership application, we want to help you establish a Wellness Center.

Please contact us today!

AFHA's Mission

Our mission is to create a God-centered environment of wellness that focuses on respect, dignity, and ethical treatment of the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. We believe in true freedom of choice and our highly-valued professionals incorporate preventive therapies with true informed consent, without judgment.

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AFHA's Vision

God-centered, freedom-focused, preventive healthcare ministry for all.

As the world is changing people are demanding alternative services. AFHA is a private ministerial association that is uniting trusted providers throughout NYS into an Allied Affiliates Network Directory. This primary benefit to becoming an AFHA member answers our most common questions that our supporters ask us:


Where can I go for_______ ? Who can I go to that will respect my decision for ________?

—you fill in the blanks. 


We are confident that these likeminded providers that we are uniting together desire that you live the healthiest life that you can live. They will listen to your goals and direct you to options that are most appropriate for your needs, delving into root causes and actual healing that will lead to true homeostasis—a true harmony and equilibrium and of all of your body’s internal systems. 


Becoming an AFHA member will be a decision that will go down in your personal history book. Now is the time to enact a choice for your optimal health. 

*AFHA is just the messenger!!! AFHA’s Allied Affiliates Network Directory is a starting point for your health and wellness decisions. We highly encourage you to research any provider and their services as your first responsibility before scheduling an appointment, to ensure they are the right fit for your healthcare goals. This will surely create a better peace of mind in your journey to health and wellness. AFHA can not be held liable for any undesirable outcomes upon receiving services from AFHA’s Allied Affiliates

Our Goal:

To open an Independent Wellness Center in Rochester, NY dedicated to reinventing healthcare, by blending traditional, integrative, and holistic medical practices.
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Our vow to healthcare workers:

You are endowed with gifts from the Creator that are unique and valuable. You are dedicated to helping people heal and become restored to better health. It is our solemn duty to treat you with the utmost respect, compassion and dignity as our Creator has instructed that all dedicated workers should be worthy of. 

Americans for Healthcare Alternatives, AFHA

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.  Proverbs 3:27 

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